“Nothing is impossible”


high-performance batteries

Lithium batteries must become ever smaller, lighter and more powerful. For extreme performance requirements such as 12C unloading and 5C loading in a small space, we will work with you to develop a suitable solution.

Entwicklung Lithium Batterie serienproduktion

mass production

For a cost-efficient and high quality production we work together with various partners. For the prototype with various adjustments in the assembly phase, we work closely together with the company Schaltag AG in Effretikon. For a cost-effective development lithium battery for mass production, we commission our manufacturers in China and Eastern Europe.


drive train systems

Due to the excellent cooperation with our suppliers, we are able to integrate the complete equipment, from the special charging socket to the driven axle of the electric cars, into your project.

Pruefstand batterie

test environment

A battery must be extensively tested and recycled after completion. In this way, any abnormalities can be detected and corrected in advance. Therefore we have a modern  battery test bench with 70’000W charging and discharging power in our test laboratory to simulate real conditions.