Break records with us

LiTHiUM System, formerly LiTHiUM Storage GmbH, headquartered in Illnau, Switzerland, has been supplying customers throughout Europe with high-quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries since 2010. As one of the first in Europe we have added NMC cells with a high energy density to our assortment.

With our know-how, we develop electric mobility – from postal delivery vehicles to 123t dump trucks, from electric boats to hybrid sailing ships, as well as energy storage applications – grid storage, solar and island systems.

Our product range includes chargers, automotive compatible battery management systems (BMS) and fully IP67 protected battery blocks for marine applications, as well as tailor-made solutions from prototype to market maturity.

The battery cells are characterized by their high storage capacity (up to 400Ah) in a wide temperature range (-30°C to +55°C), high reliability and safety.

Through extensive exclusive cooperation with battery cell manufacturers – mainly ETC and Westart – we enable innovative customer solutions and technological improvements.

We are happy to support you in your lithium project.

Lithium Batteries Sale

Lithium-based batteries form the basic offer of LiTHiUM System GmbH in Illnau. Depending on the application, we evaluate the appropriate cell chemistry and the most suitable battery size.

Automotiv lithium Module 53ah cell

Customized lithium batteries

During conversion work, the volume of the batteries is usually specified. Depending on the required performance and the available charging systems, we determine the total capacity of the lithium-ion batteries.

Swiss manufacturing

LiTHiUM System works closely with partners in the immediate vicinity for the quantitative and qualitative production of prototypes.


The lithium batteries from LiTHiUM System GmbH have already received several international awards, such as the 360 degree MOVE Award.