The EMS MobiCat

The mobile catamaran was built by the Bielersee Shipping Company with a view to EXPO.02. After an initial conversion, lithium batteries and solar cells with 2.5 times the capacity were installed in 2018.
It combines three different functions in one ship.

  • Passenger transport
  • Event and demonstration platform
  • Solar power plants
  • Test facility for integration as a grid store


Since a 1:1 replacement of the lead acid batteries lacked a weight of around 4 tons, the Bielersee Shipping Company, in cooperation with the energy service Biel-Bienne, decided to more than double the capacity to 480 KWh. Our in-house developed and DNV certified batterieswere used.

  • 480 KWh battery capacity
  • 14 hours travel time
  • 34 KWp Solar power plant
  • 180 km range

BSG – Bielersee Shipping Company AG

The whole system has been redesigned to create the first grid storage system at sea from a solar catamaran.